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Visibly Reduce Dark Circles and Fine Lines, Fast.

Transform your skincare routine for visibly smoother, brighter under-eye skin - experience the world's best FDA-Cleared under eye skincare device.
Transform your Under-Eyes

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Join 400,000+ Customers Today

Dermatologist Recommended

Designed in Canada

Look Years Younger in Just 10 Minutes.

  • Achieve brighter, revitalized under-eye skin

  • Helps reduce appearance of fine lines and smooths texture

  • Easy 10-minute treatment, with 3 intensities customized to address your under-eye concerns for visible results

  • Minimal to no downtime, virtually painless & perform conveniently at home
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Rebuild Collagen Under Your Eyes, with Beautronics.

Brightens Dark Circles

Reduces the appearance of dark circles

Smooths Fine Lines

Minimizes the appearance of fine lines

Reduces Puffiness

Depuffs and tightens under-eye area

Promotes Radiance

Boosts skin's natural radiance

See what our Customers are Saying about Us

Sarah, 32

"I’ve been using for two months, and my under eyes have less fine lines than before! I found the Beautronics Wand really does help tremendously. The before and after shocked me!"

Jeanette, 32

"I have been using Beautronics for about two years nows and have seen significant changes in my skin texture and under eye area. My under eye area has been dark since my mid 20's and nothing I have done has changed that until now. My skin looks better in my late 30's than it did in my 20's!"

Sophia, 52

"I began noticing unwelcome wrinkles on my face and sought an effective remedy. The use of red light therapy not only reduces my dark circles and puffiness but also had a remarkable effect on reducing those fine lines. Thank you Beautronics"

Join 400,000+ Customers that Transformed their Under-Eye Skin

See Results in as Little as Two Weeks

Wake Up Looking Refreshed and Revitalized.
Real Stories, Real Impact

Get Clinical Results, without the Clinical Costs

Clinical Radio-Frequency

Minimizes under-eye fine lines and wrinkles

Red Light Therapy

Brightens dark circles and boosts collagen

Sonic Vibration

Reduces puffiness and eye bags

Heated Probe

Soothes skin and improves skin radiance

Experience the Power of Science-Backed Skincare Technology

  • Clinical radio-frequency (600 KHz) heats your skin, prompting your body to release heat-shock proteins, boosting collagen for tighter, firmer under-eye skin.

  • Red light therapy (625 nm) uses long-wavelength light to energize your cells, aiding in repairing dark pigmentation under your eyes and enhancing collagen production.

  • Heat (up to 70°C/158 F) helps treat and diminish puffiness and eye bags around your under-eye area.

  • Sonic vibration provides a gentle massage and soothes your under-eye skin.

Easy to Use, 10 Minute Treatment:

Unlock a youthful glow with three to five 10 minute treatment sessions per week:

1. Power device on. 

2. Apply the Beautronics Conducting Gel to the under-eye area.

3. Select Mode 1 (low intensity), Mode 2 (medium intensity), or Mode 3 (high intensity).

3. Gently run the Beautronics Under Eye Skincare Wand across under eye area, in a swiping motion.

4. Device will automatically turn off after 10 minutes, or power off after use.

5. Use 3-5x a week to see maximum results. Enjoy brighter, tighter, glowier under-eye skin for years to come!

5 Reasons why Customers Choose Beautronics

1. Founded by a Pharma Executive

Our dedicated founder worked in pharmaceutical sales alongside dermatologists and aestheticians, where she discovered her passion in skincare. She has a Bachelor of Science degree and CCPE Certificate. She works to comply with all Health Canada, FDA, and CE standards.

2. Never Before Seen Patented Technology

Most skincare devices on the market are similar. Our device has a patented never before seen combination of four technologies: for all your under-eye skin concerns. There are thousands of clinical studies that prove radio-frequency can tighten, brighten, and plump your skin.

3. Engineered with Clinical-Grade Parts

We only use clinical-grade parts in our skincare devices. We rigorously put our products through testing to ensure efficiency. We obsess over the safety and efficacy of our devices. Beautronics is driven by dedication to our customers, and is FDA and Health Canada cleared.

4. Travel-Friendly, On the Go Treatment

Our device is small, light, and easy to carry. You can take it on vacation, store it in your purse, use it wherever, whenever. We give you a Beautronics satin pouch for complete convenience and storage, and a USB-C charger to use your device anywhere in the world.

5. 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We give you 30 days to find out if we are the right fit with your skincare routine. If you don't see results within 30 days of receiving the device, or unsatisfied with the product, return it to us, risk-free, and we'll give you your money back.

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